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Machine vision camera / X-ray / CCD / GigE Vision
Luma X Qioptiq


  • Function:

    machine vision

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:


  • Interface:

    GigE Vision

  • Other characteristics:



State-of-the-art Luma X-System
The new Luma X-System - a 1k² camera for
human fluoroscopy - is Qiotptiq's most recently
developed complete camera system. The Luma
X-System comes with a very flat design to allow
a short image chain and offers comprehensive
data processing options.

Customer-friendly interface
The integrated electronics of the LumaCam
provides 14-bit digital signal processing and bad
pixel compensation, GigE Vision data transfer - with no frame grabber
required, and almost unlimited cable length. Also on board and
controlled through the GigE interface are a motorized iris, a swing-in
neutral density filter and an online light measurement for X-ray dose
control. Moreover the system offers various image processing functions
like: circular blanking, shading correction, edge enhancement, and
different recursive filter factors.


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