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Cold Steel Rolling Products - specialty lubricants designed for the cold reduction of steel sheet sold to the container, automotive, and appliance industries; contain full synthetics, semi-synthetics and fully natural products with lubricant delivery systems that include nonionic, anionic, cationic, amphoteric and polymeric technologies. Used to effectively reduce a multitude of steel alloys to the gauge and shape required by the automotive, appliance, and construction industries
Hot Mill Lubricants - state of the art lubricants and MIDAS application equipment to provide roll protection, defect elimination and energy savings for industries ranging from automotive to construction. New technologies include synthetic cationics and water based long product compounds. Reduces mill loads, improves back-up and work roll life, and increases quality in the hot rolling of all stainless and carbon steel substrates; using all known roll chemistries in sheet, shape and long product applications.
Nonferrous Rolling Products - Specialty lubricants that reduce nonferrous metals (i.e. aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, etc.); provide lubrication for reduction and corrosion and stain protection for many different substrates; and are used in emulsion and pure oil applications.
Post Lubricants - organic coatings for aluminum can body sheet; applied electrostatically at the aluminum mill. Provides corrosion protection and lubrication properties to the aluminum surface, superior bleed-through protection and cut-forming characteristics.


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