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Robotic depalletizing cell / palletizing
Empticon® Qubiqa A/S


  • Function:

    depalletizing, palletizing


Layer Picking: Automatic handling of entire layers
Qubiqa has patented The Empticon® is operated – easily and ergonomically correct – by one operator only. The machine is joystick-operated, and thereby the many high, low, asymmetric and heavy lifts typically characterizing the work of unloading freight containers are avoided. Via a wireless control desk, cartons are by means of vacuum pulled onto a belt conveying the cartons out of the container. The gripper unit is equipped with seven suction cups applying vacuum to pull cartons out onto the lifting belt.

The Empticon® has six belt modules, running in and out of the module magazine as required. It unloads 20-feet to 45-feet containers and trailers as well as high cube containers, and the machine can with advantage form part of the following:

Robot palletizing
Sorter systems
Miniload storage or other fully automated storage equipment


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