Linear coupling
LK series R + W Coupling Technology


  • Torque:

    Min.: 70 Nm (51.63

    Max.: 2000 Nm (1475.12


Input side: internal metric thread.
Output side: external metric thread.
The input - and output connection is effected by a backlash free spring system.

Temperature range:

-30° C to + 120° C (-22° F to 248° F)


Absolutely backlash-free.

Non-standard application:

Custom bores, threads, and material available upon request.

Brief overload:

Acceptable up to 1.5 times the rated value.


Coupling components are made of high-strength aluminium.
Spring elements are made of special spring steel.

Service life:

These couplings have an infinite life and are maintanance- free if operated within performance limits.

Properties of Linear Coupling model LK:

zero backlash in axial direction
compensates angular misalignments up to 1.5°
and lateral misalignments up to 0.7 mm (0,028 inch)
low mass & weight = low inerta
compact design
designed for high tensile and compressive forces in highly dynamic applications


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