oil lubrication system / grease / centralized / dual line
CLS - system 20 RAASM SpA



  • Lubricant:

    oil, grease

  • Type:

    centralized, dual line

  • Applications:

    for wind turbines, for heavy industry, for agricultural machinery, for farm machinery, for construction equipment, for railway vehicles, for machine tools, for special machines

  • Power source:



The RAASM 20 double line centralised lubrication system is composed of an independent pumping unit that distributes lubricant (oil or grease) via two separate lines (L1 and L2) as a pre-set dose, and volumetric distributors. While one line (L1) is supplying the volumetric distributors with lubricant, the other line (L2) is preparing for the same operation but not at the same time. A special valve (line inverter) ensures the continuous, alternate filling of the two lines (L1-L2).