oil lubrication system / grease / centralized / multi-point
CLS - system 25 RAASM SpA



  • Lubricant:

    oil, grease

  • Type:

    centralized, multi-point

  • Applications:

    for wind turbines, for the packaging industry, for heavy industry, for agricultural machinery, for farm machinery, for construction equipment, for forming machines, for railway vehicles, for machine tools, for special machines

  • Power source:



The RAASM 25 multi-output centralised lubrication system is composed of a pumping unit that allows for the oil and grease lubrication, at a pre-set level, of a high number of utilities (up to 16). The pumping unit is composed of an electrically-controlled pump on which a series of adjustable pumping elements are arranged radially. These elements, thanks to the action of a cam, push the lubricant in sequence to the various outputs, connected to the tubes.