trailer-mounted sweeper / hydraulic / diesel



  • Configuration:


  • Motor type:

    hydraulic, diesel

  • Working width:

    2,100 mm


The new towed sweeper TRAKNET 2100 has been entirely revised to comply the european directive N° 2007/46/CE.

Sweeper towed by all kinds of vehicles: car, commercial or heavy vehicle, truck...
Linkages through Ø 50 ball-head coupling or Ø 68 coupling ring with short or long drawbar.

Drive through 14 hp petrol engine or 11 hp diesel engine.

Hydraulic angling of the brush +/- 25° right and left to sweep the waste aside.

Hydraulic offset on the brush: 60 cm right/left.

All the fonctions are radiocontrolled from the cabin.

Sweeping speed from 0 to 15 km/h (advised speed: 10 km/h).
Transport speed: 130 km/h maxi.

Its use is even easier: hydraulic suspensions, jockey wheel, mechanical swinging to follow the road conformity.

The sweeper's weight is less than 750 Kg = a simple driving licence is required.

The brush is adjustable in the height according to its wear.

Road fittings: back red lights, direction change's signal, reflective device, license plate holder with lights.

In option: revolving light, spare tyre, programmable centralized lubrification .