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Shad-o-Snap™, USB Rad-icon Imaging Corporation



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The Shad-o-Snap x-ray cameras are designed for ease of use and portability by featuring a plug-and-play USB interface. These microprocessor-based cameras offer simple timing control combined with new readout modes and easy image transfers as TIFF or raw integer image files. The USB connection installs in seconds, and built-in Windows drivers are automatically loaded to communicate with the camera. We provide a simple software interface to control the camera and acquire images. Together with a laptop computer and optional battery pack, a truly portable x-ray imaging system can be created.

Several software options are available for the Shad-o-Snap cameras. The CameraConsole application provides a simple user interface for acquiring images that can be transferred to other programs for analysis. Another option is to use our popular ShadoCam software which features full support for the Shad-o-Snap camera series (versions 2.2 and above). Finally, a TWAIN driver allows users to directly scan images into TWAIN-enabled applications such as Photoshop or Image-Pro Plus. All three programs are available free of charge! Please see our software page for more details.

The Shad-o-Snap product line features several different sensor sizes and models for both the 10-50 kV and 10-160 kV energy range. Each Shad-o-Snap camera ships with a +6.5V desktop power supply, a power cord, a 5m USB cable, a manual and software. A frame grabber is not necessary, but a PC or laptop running Windows 2000, XP or Vista is required.