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The Shad-o-Box x-ray camera is a high-performance, high-resolution x-ray imaging device designed for real-time digital radiography applications. Each camera model combines a RadEye-series x-ray sensor module with appropriate readout electronics and a 12- to 14-bit digital interface for easy connection to a PC-based frame grabber. The high-speed digital connection allows real-time imaging at frame rates up to 20fps, while the state-of-the-art CMOS technology offers superb contrast, dynamic range and resolution.

Each Shad-o-Box camera is available in a low-dose, direct-coupled model that is optimized for the 10 to 50 kV energy range, as well as an EV model that offers improved signal-to-noise ratio and longer lifetime at energies up to 160 kV. Several scintillator options are available as well. Please refer to our Application Note AN07 to help you determine which version may be best for your application.

For applications requiring real-time frame rates, Rad-icon offers the Shad-o-Box HS product family of cameras. The HS (high speed) cameras feature a larger pixel size to take advantage of the improved efficiency of scintillators optimized for high energy imaging applications.