test software / inspection / visual inspection / for color measurement
TrueTest™ Radiant Vision Systems



  • Function:

    test, inspection, visual inspection

  • Applications:

    for color measurement, for defect inspection, for light measurement, for surface inspection, machine vision

  • Type:

    online, automated


Turnkey System for automated visual inspection of FPDs

When testing the quality of illuminated components, or looking for defects, multiple tests may need to be performed to inspect products for a range of evaluation criteria. TrueTest™ Software equips ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers to be used for in-line inspection, providing:

- a comprehensive set of predefined tests,
- a flexible framework that allows you to apply a single test or sequence of tests as needed, quickly and efficiently, and
- a pass/fail report with as much detail as you need.

The TrueTest software application has five main components:

- Test library
- Test sequencer
- Test manager (user-defined test parameters and pass/fail settings)
- Test execution, automated
- Report generator

TrueTest is easy to use. Any tests from the test library can be added to a test sequence (these are stored, so multiple sequences can be created and recalled as needed), and test parameters and pass/fail settings are input for each test. Then the entire sequence is run, end-to-end, automatically. Individual test results are displayed and can be recorded in a report.

Provided with TrueTest, covers standard quality tests and defect detection, including:

Line Defects
Particle Defects
Pixel Defects
ANSI Brightness
ANSI Color Uniformity
Checkerboard Contrast
Focus Uniformity
Compare Points of Interest
Points of Interest
Color Edge Mura
Color Mura
Diagonal Pattern Mura
Polarizer Deformation
Spot Pattern Mura

Additional advanced mura detection tests are available in the optional TrueMURA™ module.