light-intensity measuring instrument / near-infrared / compact / high-precision
Radiant Vision Systems



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    compact, high-precision, high-speed


The Radiant Vision Systems Near-Infrared (NIR) Intensity Lens system is an integrated camera/lens solution that measures the angular distribution and radiant intensity of 940 nm near-infrared (NIR or near-IR) emitters. The NIR Intensity Lens system utilizes Fourier optics to capture a full cone of data in a single measurement to ±70 degrees, giving you extremely fast, accurate results ideal for in-line quality control.

Manufacturers of three-dimensional sensing technology can apply the NIR Intensity Lens solution for angular measurement of NIR LEDs, lasers, and Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE). The lens mounts directly to a Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric® Y16 Imaging Radiometer, and features ProMetric or TrueTest™ Software for intuitive system setup and customizeable automated measurement sequences. Additional tests specific to NIR emission measurement are available.

Diffractive Optical Elements

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) distribute NIR laser emissions in a dot pattern (often tens of thousands of dots) over a wide spatial area. This array provides NIR sensors with a grid map used to detect 3D surfaces with varying shapes, curvatures, and depths, such as the human face. Radiant’s NIR Intensity Lens can identify points of interest across the image, measuring point-by-point values for location (peak inclination/azimuth), intensity, uniformity, total flux, and DOE flux (subtracting the background peak).