infrared spectrometer / industrial / ultra-fast / USB
SeaWave IR Radiantis



  • Type:


  • Field:


  • Other characteristics:

    ultra-fast, USB, compact

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 1,700 nm

    Min.: 900 nm


A top of the range IR spectrometer, showing the smallest footprint in the market for its class, the highest data acquisition speed (>1000 spectra/second) and excellent resolution (3 nm) for the broad detection range in the IR (900 - 1700 nm). Higher resolutions (<3nm) are also available for shorter spectral ranges.

Based on Hamamatsu InGaAs linear array sensors, SeaWave® has no moving parts and and is powered by a USB hence it is a robust device which can be reliably used in portable OEM and scientific applications. Its small size and light weight make it an excellent spectrometer to be integrated in in-line and off-line analysers for the food and pharmaceutical industry, as well as handheld analysers for routine process testing.

It features a versatile entrance aperture which incorporates both, a standard fiber input connector to bring light into the device through an optical fiber and a slit which enables free space input coupling.

A USB 2.0 Hi-speed interface to connect it to a PC is available. Dlls and customised control software packages for specific requirements are provided.