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CNC wheel reprofiling lathe / universal
max. ø 1200 mm | UFB 125 N Rafamet


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The machine tool UFB 125 N is a CNC double-saddle special-purpose lathe, designed for reprofilling of wheels, which are applied in rail vehicles. The lathe also ensures efficient machining of new wheelsets or wheelsets with new tyres.

The wheelsets can have axle-boxes - mounted on their external journals, gears - installed between the wheels as well as brake discs.

The machined wheelset is driven in a frictional way through a double system of three rollers, pressed appropriately to each wheel. All the rollers on each tailstock are driven by motors and a reduction gear as we as belt transmissions. To obtain optimum cutting speeds, the rotational speed of the rollers is infinitely variable.

The machine tool is designed for work in a roll-in roll-out system - wheelsets can be loaded (rolled in) on the lathe and unloaded out (rolled out) after machining from machine tool only on operator side.

Through application of an automatic mechanism of resetting of tailstocks, the machine tool can be optionally adapted for different ranges of track gauges.

Thanks to application of a modern CNC system and equipment for automatic measurement of the machined wheelsets, machining is economical, efficient and accurate. Universal equipment and wide range of programming possibilities guarantee easy switching to atypical profiles of wheelsets without necessity of introducing changes in the equipment of the machine.


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