Shielded cabinet / anechoic
10 kHz - 20 GHz | STC Rainford EMC Systems


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The STC has been developed for the R&D, production and quality control environments where space is critical.

The cube like design has been produced for small sized DUT’s (0.5m x 0.5m x0.5m) approximately.

With an operating frequency which starts at 10kHz and well exceeds 20GHz, the STC creates an ideal environment for testing wireless devices for such technologies as GSM, UMTS, CDMA, Bluetooth, DECT, W-LAN, Zigbee, RFID and Wimax to name but a few.

Using the same high end Smartshield technology as incorporated in our larger shielded rooms, the STC will provide protection and isolation from the surrounding RF environment. With the addition of ferrite and absorber materials low reflections and stable quiet zones are achievable.

Penetrations and filtering can be adapted to the customer's requirements to accommodate not only power but also control/data lines, gas, air and even water.

Standard attenuvents for cooling on the DUT are also included in this design. For more heat critical devices additional cooling can be implemented.

The main body of the unit is constructed from 2mm thick steel tray that can be either bolted with TCS gasket or welded.


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