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XO oscillator / electronic / surface-mount / for airborne applications
QEN79 Rakon



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    for airborne applications

  • Frequency:

    Min.: 1.5 MHz

    Max.: 100 MHz


This Crystal Oscillator is based on Hybrid Technology in SMD package.
XO performs +/-50 to +/-100pm of overall frequency stability (vs. temperature range and calibration at 25°C, load and power supply changes) and ageing of +/- 5ppm per year. This reference is suitable for rugged radio systems used for instance in high speed trains or avionics.

· Hybrid product with die and wire bonding to a
ceramic substrate with
3 points crystal resonator, seam sealing cover.
· Case type (s) : SMD package 4 J-lead 14 x 9 x
3.37mm typical
· Frequency Range : 1.5MHz to 100MHz
· Temperature Range : from -40°C to +85°C up to -
55°C to +125°C
· Overall
Frequency Stability vs. Temperature Range and
calibration at 25°C and load and power supply
changes : +/-50 to +/-100pm overall
· Ageing per year: +/-5ppm at 45°C first year
· Output Wave Form : square ; Tristate output
· Supply Voltage : +3.3V or +5V
· Options available : R: duty cycle 50/50; T: tinned
pins; Screening B