monitoring camera / multi-spectral / hyperspectral / CCD
2.8 - 9 Mpix Raptor Photonics



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    multi-spectral, hyperspectral

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The Kingfisher Series, manufactured by Raptor®, is an OEM board level CCD that presents a 2.8MP up to 9.1MP resolution with a better QE along with a low dark noise and dark current. It has a wide range of solutions for the pre-packaged sensors in various options fro cooling, interfaces and custom layout and the like. Furthermore, it features a immense spatial resolution that is enabled in extensive range of CCD sensors with a minimal 7 electrons of readout noise with a miniature pixels that allows a resolution of an image with a greater sharpness along with a collected optimum photon of >77% @ 525nm and >50% @ 380nm & 720nm. In addition, it is ideal in adaptive optics and astronomy, bio & chemi-luminescence, calcium signaling, fluorescence imaging / spectroscopy, flow cytometry, FRET / FRAP / TIRF, and the like.