surveillance camera / full-color / hyperspectral / EMCCD
658 x 496 pix | Hawk EM247 Raptor Photonics



  • Function:


  • Spectrum:

    full-color, hyperspectral

  • Sensor:


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  • Other characteristics:



The Hawk EM247 CCD camera uses the EMCCD technology. It is the smallest and highly rugged EMCCD camera in the world. It is developed for integration into imaging systems like small EO/IR surveillance platforms. This small, lightweight and low power camera is beneficial for OEM and integrators. The camera offers analogue or digital outputs, resolution of 658 x 496 with frame rate of 25 / 30 Hz and allows conversion of standard 12 bit digital CameraLink output in to GigE data using Pleora adaptor box as recommended by Raptor Photonics. Its RaptorVision capture and SDK simplify controlling of camera and acquisition of images. Pleora's iPORT PT1000-CL IP Engine streams video and imaging data between Base-configuration Camera Link cameras and PCs in real time using GigE connections.

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