profile roll forming machine
SPEEDYSEAMER SERIES RAS Reinhardt Maschinenbau



  • Finished product:

    for profiles

  • Sheet thickness:

    Max.: 1.5 mm

    Min.: 0 mm


The RAS 22.07 SpeedySeamer with seven rollforming stations is a multi-functional and cost-efficient machine for varying uses in the HVAC ducting industry. The top of the line RAS 22.09 SpeedySeamer is a 9-station high quality system. Both machines are designed for sheet thicknesses up to 1.5 mm mild steel. The profiles can be as high as 20 mm and the machines reach a speed of 16 m/min.

The machines can have two sets of rolls set up at a time. This allows to have a set of Pittsburgh Rolls on one side and a set of Standing Seam Rolls on the other side. The same could be done with a set of Snap Lock Rolls on one side and Cam Standing Rolls on the other. The rolls are made from the highest quality case-hardened special steel. For additional safety the sheet support tables can be adjusted to the different run heights of the right and left roller set.

Roller shafts, housed in axial and radial roller bearings, provide high-quality profiles. A wide gear box supports the roller shafts in the best possible way. The high-quality gear motor ensures smooth and quite running. It brings the drive power directly to rolls without transfer gears or belt drives in between.

The wear resistant and hardened entrance guiding system is not in contact with the usually plasma-cut material edges. Graved run-in sheet support tables thus belong to the past. Blanks stiffened with Z-seams can be processed easily, as the material guiding system uses downhold pins in the squaring arm. An optional leveling unit allows to straighten seamed blanks or round them for radius cheeks.