hand pallet truck / scale / with printer
RAVAS-2100 RAVAS Europe B.V.



  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    scale, with printer

  • Load:

    2,200 kg (4,850.17 lb)


This hand pallet truck is of the highest EU qualities, suitable for all kinds of weighing; including gross/net weighing, zero correction and an adding memory so that you can calculate the total weight of each order or shipment. The RAVAS-2100 has all the basic scale functions that you would expect from a high quality hand pallet truck, making it suitable for extremely accurate check weighing. All weights up to 200kg are measured in increments of 200g.

The RAVAS-2100 comes equipped with a quicklift pump as standard, as well as chromium-plated axes and bearings. Weighing just 99kg, this pallet truck is lightweight, easy to operate and ergonomically attractive. You can also install a printer which will print tickets with both separate and total weights. Available in a wide range of options, from explosion proof to trade versions and stainless steel.