Journal bearing
RBC Bearings

RBC Aerospace Bearings offers a full line of Mil Spec standard lined journal bearings, unlined bushings, and many specialty and custom designed products to support the aerospace industry. Journals are designed in a straight (plain) configuration with a flange to accommodate a combination of radial and axial loads with corrosion resistant materials and coatings. Journals are also offered in high temperature and water resistant series.

Typical journal materials are 17-4PH and aluminum. Bearings may also be cadmium or zinc nickel plated as required. In addition, CRES 440C and Inconel® 718 are available upon request. Journal bore and flanged journal face surfaces may also be provided with various liner systems to satisfy specific application requirements. (Inconel® is a registered trademark of Inco Alloys International, Inc. and The International Nickel Company, Inc.)

RBC manufacturers a number of self-lubricating liner materials, including machinable liners, that are qualified to AS81934 (formerly MIL-B-81934). In addition, over 60 other self-lubricating materials are available for specific characteristics; such as high temperature for turbine engine applications, or machinability for airframe, helicopter, and landing gear applications.


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