Internal-toothed slewing ring / ball / single-row
RBC Bearings


  • Teeth:


  • Rolling element:


  • Geometry:



RBC Bearings is a well known international manufacturer and supplier of high quality bearings for all requirements in every segment of the industry mainly in aerospace, industrial and defence applications.
The basic elementary ideology is to cater to all customers with distinctive design solutions for all the complex problems as well as an unequalled level of service, calibre and support.
With a newly set manufacturing unit in Houstan,Texas which is specially committed to aid manufacturers of wind energy turbines,oil field,tunnel boring,steel mill waste water treatment equipment ,cranes,satellite pedestals and other devices used in most of the major segment of all industries in the world.
RBC Bearings since foundation in 1919 has always been ahead , persistently coming out with new industrial applications is the company distinctive feature and especially with the wind industry.


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