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Electric motor hydraulic power unit / on skid
RE:Automation Technology Inc.


  • Power source:

    electric motor

  • Other characteristics:

    on skid

  • Operating pressure:

    Min.: 40 psi

    Max.: 1500 psi


The “Hydraulic Power Units” (HPU) are completely self-contained, designed to operate hydraulic actuators and provide a power reserve when the primary power source is lost. HPU’s can be powered electrically or pneumatically with capacity for one or more actuators. Electric-powered units can be designed for any voltage, to deliver the required high pressure (typically up to 1500 psi) hydraulic fluid required to operate the actuators. ATI also manufactures pneumatically power units utilizing air pressures as low 40 psi to generate hydraulic pressures up to 1500 psi. Accumulator tanks are sized based on the cycle requirements under failure conditions. The proven control components are used to ensure there is always power when it is needed, while incorporating a wide variety of emergency controls to provide customers with a system to exactly meet their needs. HPU’s are provided on skids with all connections manifolded for easy installation in the field


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