inkjet marking system / high-resolution
LK series REA JET - Kennzeichnungslösungen für die Industrie



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Terminal-controlled printing system for labels in high resolution
enables you to substantially reduce costs for operating supplies
Which are you currently using: pre-printed paperboards or labels?
Are you looking for increased storage space with less capital commitment?
with the REA JET LK printer, you label your paperboards using the "just in time" method and only at the end of your logistics chain
you can conveniently edit and change print texts as quickly as you like on the LK input terminal or via interfaces
quick amortization period thanks to reduction in the variety of pre-printed boards and labels used
conversion of coding and marking specifications in the wood, textile, and building material industries
the LK series has a local controller and can also be operated as a stand-alone solution
for paperboard and wood printing, an alternative to labels on porous and absorbent surfaces
prints barcodes, 2D-codes, texts, and logos
prints from the side, top, or from the bottom

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