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Powder coating system
Red Line


Highlights of the RED LINE NC201 100 kV machine

- 100 KV High Voltage (HV) generator built in the gun itself. Made to International standards - light, well-balanced and operator friendly.
- The HV generator in the gun is off-line from the powder path.
- Built on the latest RED LINE 201 platform for ruggedness and reliability.
- State-of-art electronics in control panel and the gun.
- Built-in electronic power-pack for clean and regulated power supply to the system.
- All new powder feed-pump for high performance powder flow.
- Built tough for round-the-clock use.
- An amazingly low priced machine with some high-end technology and features.
- Ideal for custom coaters as well as end-users alike.
- A true value-for-money powder coating machine


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