bridge coordinate measuring machine / optical / non-contact / for artificial joints
OrthoLux RedLux



  • Structure:


  • Probe type:

    optical, non-contact

  • Applications:

    for artificial joints


The OrthoLux is an optical coordinate measuring machine that measures component form of artificial joints and medical implants in a variety of materials, with resolutions as low as 10nm. The use of optical sensors means that ultra precise measurement happens at very high speed, ensuring the delicate surface of the component is not damaged. We designed OrthoLux specifically for orthopaedics R&D and production environments to deliver speed, accuracy and rich data reporting that is critical for customers in this space, but at the same time lowers the cost of analysis. OrthoLux provides unrivalled performance; speed and accuracy to analyse and check a component in seconds, advanced data reporting for sophisticated retrieval analysis and integration into automated manufacturing cells.

OrthoLux measures component form of artificial joints in a variety of materials, for example bearing surfaces of artificial hip heads and cups, including the cup rim, stem taper, as well as artificial knee joints (femoral and tibial components).

Non-contact rapid metrology
4 axis and 5 axis options
4 axis air bearing configuraion for ultra precision
Optical Chromatic sensor with nanometre resolution
Simple, control operator Interface
Linear Laminar flow cabinet
Can be fully integrated into an automated production line
Ideal for bone ingress surface
Can measure 3D printed additive engineered components
Compatible with a wide range of biomedica materials
Fast, accurate and data-rich metrology
Analysis of entire component's surface
Compact footprint
Flexible data export