optical coordinate measuring machine / bridge / non-contact / high-precision
OmniLux RedLux



  • Structure:


  • Probe type:

    optical, non-contact

  • Other characteristics:

    high-precision, compact


Our OmniLux system is highly versatile and provides unparalleled levels of 3D capture for component measurement in seconds. It’s highly versatile because it can measure any geometry including sphere, asphere, cylinder, internal bore, cone/taper, step height or freeform in any material such as polished or rough metals or ceramics and polymers. It’s fast and accurate because the use of optical sensors means that the whole surface can be analysed while the object is suspended in space, ensuring that no damage occurs to delicate surfaces. Our easy-to-use software interface, developed from years of experience enables the operator to effortlessly control the system. Rich data analysis, automation and export of results for the immediate generation of reports as well as a compact footprint means OmniLux is the leading solution for production or R&D environments where reducing cycle times is critical to sustainable success.

The highly versatile OmniLux can measure a wide range of components. Example applications are bearings, turbine blades, valves, toolholders, and many more.

Non-contact rapid metrology
4 axis and 5 axis options
4 axis air bearing configuration for ultra precision
Optical Chromatic sensor with nanometre resolution
Highly versatile measurement system
Fast, accurate and data-rich metrology
Analysis of entire component's surface
Non-contact measurements
Immediate report generation
Compact footprint
Flexible data export