optical meter / 3D / internal bore / for internal tapers
TaperLux RedLux



  • Technology:

    optical, 3D

  • Applications:

    internal bore, for internal tapers


The TaperLux is an optical taper gauge that measures internal tapers and internal cylinders with nanometre resolutions. The system scans the inside of a taper without contact and produces a list of geometric features or a detailed 3D map of the surface.
Sub-micron accuracy and repeatability, high throughput, usability and the features captured (e.g. taper angle, defined diameters, depth, roundness, straightness and surface finish) make the TaperLux the state-of-the-art metrology solution for the inspection of internal tapers of your components.
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Technical Details
- High throughput (typical cycle time < 2 minutes)
- True 3D measurement PASS/FAIL indicator or fully illustrated residual error maps.
- Output of taper angle, taper straightness, diameter at depth, taper depth, roundness and indicative surface roughness.
- Detection of tool wear
- Shop-floor hardened design
- Customisable measurement procedure to meet your requirements