grounding reel / self-retracting / with mounting bracket / corrosion-resistant
G 3050 N Reelcraft Industries, Inc.



  • Type:


  • Drive mechanism:


  • Configuration:

    with mounting bracket

  • Other characteristics:

    corrosion-resistant, steel

  • Hose/cable length:

    50'00" (15.24 m)


Reelcraft's static discharge reels are used to ground equipment operating in hazardous atmospheres. When properly clamped to the ground, the static discharge reel dissipates static electrical buildup, reducing the chances of sparking and the potential for explosion. *Nylon covered cable (1/8" O.D.).

Strength - Made from industrial grade carbon steel.

Compact design - Reels require little mounting space for applications where space is a critical requirement.

Corrosion resistance - Steel components are powder coated for superior corrosion resistance. Steel cable available with nylon coating for longer service life.

Easily adjust spring tension - Loosening two screws allows user to add or remove spring tension.