hose reel / hand crank / fixed / for oil
H18005 M Reelcraft Industries, Inc.



  • Type:

    for hose

  • Drive mechanism:

    hand crank

  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    for oil

  • Other characteristics:

    corrosion-resistant, steel

  • Hose/cable length:

    200'00" (60.96 m)


Series 30000 & H Pressure Wash Hose Reels are compact designed with high quality steel and up-to 3000 PSI latest pressure wash reels. Series H18006 and 30000 reels with high pressure water swivel offers maximum product delivery and are capable to carry 100 to 425 feet of tangle-free hose. The high pressure water swivel finds various application in broad range of pressures, temperatures and chemicals and perfectly suits agricultural/marine, equipment cleaning and pressure washing applications. All hoses need to be extended prior to pressurizing to prevent any drum damage.