transmission chain / stainless steel / roller / self-lubricating



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    stainless steel

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The O-Ring chain concept derives from the need to equip the chain with a self-lubrication system. The O-RING chains feature elastic O-Rings which are fitted on the extremities of the bushings that slightly protrude from the internal plates. O-Rings are compressed against the walls of the internal and external plates. O-Rings seal the lubricant which is placed between the pin and bushing during chain assembly. The sealed joint isolates moving parts from the surrounding environment (which may be abrasive and/or corrosive) while keeping the interior of the articulation well lubricated.
Transmission and conveyor chain O-Rings are made of a special nitrylic rubber and may have different characteristics, depending on the exact type of chain application. They may be made of materials capable of withstanding high temperatures (Viton), materials resistant to mechanical wear (nitrylic,hydrogenated, polyurethane rubbers) or have different crosssection geometry (circular, square, X-Ring, V-Ring, etc). Our standard O-Ring chain features circular O-Rings that can withstand up to 100°C (212°F) operating temperatures. Special alternatives available on request.