steel conveyor chain / roller / lightweight
8000 series REGINA



  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    roller, lightweight

  • Tensile strength:

    Max.: 33,000 N

    Min.: 18,600 N


The 8000 series has been developed by Regina to achieve two main
1. Provide all the advantages that attachment chains bring to the
solving of conveying problems.
2. Enable the easy fitting of attachments without the need to
disassemble the chain and with the possibility to adjust the spacing
between attachments very quickly and with ease.
The design concept behind the 8000 series is very simple. These chains
are derived from standard roller chains with slightly extended pins. The
attachments for this series are designed to be fixed on the chain by
simply pressing or snapping them over the pins. The inner link (roller
link) of the 8000 series features straight sideplates so that these chains
can even be used without attachments for conveying purposes (the
chain slides on the rail and the product can travel on the upper edge of
the sideplates which provide a better support than eight shaped plates.
The 8000 series characteristics allow the specialized wholesaler or the
end user to keep a stock of attachments and base chains and only when
the specific attachment chain is required place the attachment as
The 8000 series is perfectly interchangeable with standard roller