steel conveyor chain / roller / accumulation

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steel conveyor chain / roller / accumulation steel conveyor chain / roller / accumulation


  • Material:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Tensile strength:

    Min.: 36,000 N

    Max.: 157,700 N


Fly roller chains (also called free conveyor chains, free flow chains or
accumulation chains) are used when objects of various sizes and
weights (workpieces, pallets, boxes etc) must be transported from one
workstation to another. So they are found in linkages in machining and
assembly lines, warehouses, sorting and other material flow systems
(some examples: car assembly plants, automatic assembly lines of
electronic components).
These chains feature a free roller of large diameter. They have been
designed to work on an accumulation mode without damaging the
products being conveyed, with minimum noise generation, and with low
friction coefficients.
This latter fact reduces the load on the chain which allows the use of
lighter and longer life conveyors