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Globe valve / with handwheel / regulating / corner
Rego Europe


  • Type:


  • Operation:

    with handwheel

  • Function:


  • Body:


  • Other characteristics:

    for ammonia


REGO® Globe and Angle Valves are designed and manufactured especially to meet the rigid requirements of the LP-Gas industry. The high quality construction and wide variety of sizes and styles also make them highly suited to many other industries such as anhydrous ammonia, chemical and petrochemical.

These ductile iron valves are available in both threaded and flanged connections. Threaded connections are available in 1⁄2” F. NPT to 3” F. NPT sizes. Flanged connections are available in 11⁄2”, 2” and 3” pipe sizes. The ductile iron used in these valves has a 60,000 PSIG tensile strength which closely approaches that of steel castings.

Its yield strength of 45,000 PSIG and elongation of 15% is also comparable to that of steel castings. These material features assure the ability of the valve body to withstand impact, wrenching stresses and thermal shock. This ductile iron conforms to ASTM specification A395.


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