magnetic drum separator / metal / high-efficiency
R-INOX series Regulator Cetrisa



  • Technology:

    magnetic drum

  • Separated substance:


  • Other characteristics:



The R-INOX is a Very Low Iron Metal Separator with a drum of high remanence with exceptionally capable magnets that can separate iron metal from light iron metal (like stainless steel) and from the inert. Outgoing drum is an attractive drum. This drum is made of Neodimium's high powerfull magnets, contruct into contemplated design, giving an exceptionally solid magnetic field. This permits to divided low iron material from others. It additionally will separate little iron metals that they were not equipped to be divided by different gears. The Very Low Iron Metal Separator (R-Inox) is fabricated with a hard metallic structure.This belt is constantly focused by a programmed focusing system.