magnetic roller separator / metal
R-RMP Regulator Cetrisa

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magnetic roller separator / metal magnetic roller separator / metal - R-RMP


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    magnetic roller

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The R-RM magnetic roller model consists of a cylinder featuring powerful magnets, rare earth or ferrite, making it a magnetic separator with high intensity. It requires no energetic cost and is installed after a vibrating feeder or in place of a conveyor head roller.

Any roller can be manufactured by REGULATOR-CETRISA in order to replace an existing roller, so users will not have to worry about dimensional change. When a high power unit or large diameter is required, REGULATOR-CETRISA is able to produce an electromagnetic roller or R-RME. An electrical power supply is required with this type of roller for generating the magnetic field.

The available lengths for an R-RM or R-RME roller range from 200 to 2000 mm. The turn speed is the same as that of the conveyor. The diameter ranges from 200 to 600 mm.