MAG welder / MIG / water-cooled / with 4-roll wire feeder
500 - 600 A | SYNERGIC.PRO² REHM


  • Technique:

    MIG, MAG

  • Options and accessories:


  • Wire feed:

    with 4-roll wire feeder


The SYNERGIC.PRO² 500-4 and 600-4 are water-cooled MIG/MAG welders from Rehm. The machines perform its welding with 500 or 600 A powers that is ideal for heavy duty welding. The welders have a rigid machine design and have power on tap and provides easy usage.

The SYNERGIC.PRO² is ideal for heavy steel industry. It provides good welding results on thick and think materials. It produces a powerful duty cycle and is consistent and reliable. It performs welding on steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Furthermore, they are integrated with a SMC® machine-control.


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