Multipurpose paste / for bonding / polyester resin / joint
NORPOL® FI-170 Reichhold


  • Function:

    multipurpose, for bonding

  • Material:

    polyester resin

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:



Reichhold's NORPOL® FI-170 is a multipurpose adhesive paste manufactured on an orthophtalic polyester resin-material base. Its other primary specifications include a pre-acceleration of the adhesive paste itself, high durability and efficiency, a standard white color, an integrated color indication mechanism which changes colors whenever a catalyst is supplemented, an application thickness of up to 10 millimeters (free of curing cracks), a high sagging tolerance rate of up to 15-millimeter joints, and high bonding results between GRP laminates.

With the Reichhold NORPOL® FI-170 accredited by Germanische Lloyds, it is the ideal adhesive instrument for transportation, marine, production, and industrial applications.


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