multipurpose paste / for bonding / epoxy / joint
NORPOL® FI-184 Reichhold


  • Function:

    multipurpose, for bonding

  • Material:


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Based on a premium epoxy vinyl ester, the NORPOL FI-184 is a multi-purpose bonding paste. It is based on top-quality epoxy vinyl ester combined with additives selected specially for this product.

The NORPOL FI-184 is utilized to bond GRP laminates where there are high adhesion requirements. The main application areas are marine and wind mill blades, among others.

The NORPOL FI-184 features high strength and toughness. The bonding paste is pre-accelerated and contains a color indicator which changes color when a catalyst is added. It offers excellent fatigue resistance, good resistance against sagging and excellent adhesion between GRP parts. The joints made from NORPOL FI-184 retain exceptional resistance to cracks, even at extremely low temperatures down to -40°C. Thicknesses up to 20 mm are achieved without incurring curing cracks.

The paste may be applied either by using the Applicator IPP 8000-200 (or similar machines) or by hand. It carries Germanische Lloyds approvals.