single-screw extruder
Reifenhäuser Extrusion Technology GmbH & Co. KG

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single-screw extruder single-screw extruder


  • Number of screws:


  • Output:

    Max.: 2,500 kg/h (5,511.5566 lb/h)

    Min.: 10 kg/h (22.0462 lb/h)


Reifenhäuser single-screw extruders allow you to process all common raw materials into a homogeneous melt, reliably and especially economically. All of our extruders are designed both for continuous and discontinuous operation mode.

Energy efficiency
Adapted heating and cooling.

The individual heating zones are matched to the polymer melt condition and processing temperature. In this way we ensure that our technology works as energy efficiently as possible.
Screw design
High output. Low wear.

Geometry and surface structure of the screws are adapted by Reifenhäuser to the raw materials and intended applications. We always determine the optimum combination to ensure reduced wear also in high-performance production.

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