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Belt scales are often used under extremely harsh surrounding conditions. When designing UNIBAND great emphasis was placed on achieving the highest possible measurement precision by using robust and maintenance-free components. The weighing construction is made from square-section stainless steel. It is suitable for widths from 350 mm (14 inch) to 2,400 mm (95 inch) and for outputs from 10 t/hr to 2,500 t/hr.
UNIBAND - Conveyor Belt for Self-Assembly.
Conveyor Belt for Self-Assembly.

The single idler belt scale UNIBAND with its stainless-steel weighing frame has a fully encapsulated, laser welded strain gauge transducer. The unique design has proven itself even under harsh environmental conditions. It guarantees utmost accuracy and reliability. The customer effectively controls the process and inventory by using the belt scale UNIBAND. He can always rely on precise traceability and utilization forecast. Loss of material is reduced in production. At the same time production and delivery are optimized.


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