3D touch probe / optical / for machine tools / radio transmission


  • Type:


  • Technology:


  • Applications:

    for machine tools

  • Other characteristics:

    radio transmission


The view sight between the optical monitoring probe and interface need not always be regulated and the usage of the RLP40 with an RMI interface device regulates commendable networks.

The RLP40 is packed to support the hazard environment of lathes and rotating centres. An approved eyelid security system protects entry of swarf and chips that might have caused damage to the internal parts of the probe. The RLP40 is developed to the biggest of standards and provides a genuinely unrivalled collaboration of size, precision, reliability and robustness that will provide advantage to its users through decreased set-up times, decreased fixture costs, lessened scrap and enhanced process regulation.

For lathes or machining centres where components characteristics are not accessible to the OLP40 and RLP40, Renishaw delivers the OMP40M and RMP40M, that enable attachable components of adaptors, extensions and Renishaws LP2 touch probe.


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