Touch probe for machine tools / 3D
° 40 x 58.3 mm | RLP40 RENISHAW


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    for machine tools, 3D


Where line-of-sight between an optical inspection probe and interface cannot always be maintained the application of the RLP40 with an RMI interface unit maintains reliable communications.

The RLP40 is sealed to withstand the extreme environment of lathes and turning centres. A proven eyelid protection system prevents entry of swarf and chips that would cause damage to the internal components of the probe. The RLP40 is built to the highest of standards and offers a truly unrivalled combination of size, accuracy, reliability and robustness that will benefit its users through reduced set-up times, reduced fixture costs, reduced scrap and improved process control.

For lathes or machining centres where part features are inaccessible to the OLP40 and RLP40, Renishaw offers the OMP40M and RMP40M, which enable fitment of adaptors, extensions and Renishaws LP2 touch probe.


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