Power transmission chain / roller / stainless steel / wear-resistant
8B - 16B | Sovereign™ series RENOLD


  • Type:

    power transmission

  • Configuration:


  • Material:

    stainless steel

  • Other characteristics:



Some applications demand a specific solution. Trying to run a standard specification chain in a harsh environment will lead to dramatically reduced working life, possible chain failure and expensive downtime and all this can be avoided by specifying the chain that's designed for the job.

Abrasive environments such as brick and tile manufacture, which are characterised by dust and debris, are perfect examples of applications that demand the inclusion of Renold Sovereign chain. Renold Sovereign includes a particular surface treatment that ensures greatly increased wear resistance. The chain is able to withstand the effect of dust and debris infiltrating the bearing areas between pins, bushes and plates, an effect that would quickly grind away a standard specification chain.


Agricultural machinery
Brick manufacture
Cementitious environments
Metal working
Roof tile production


Resilient, durable components
Up to 3 times longer wear life than standard chain in harsh environments
Up to 4 times longer wear life than low maintenance chain in harsh environments.
Reduced pin wear
Suitable for high speed or heavy load applications
Excellent reliability giving reduced maintenance costs
Ideal for situations of irregular or restricted maintenance


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