Flexible coupling / roller chain
max. 8 595 Nm | Chainflex RENOLD


  • Type:

    flexible, roller chain


An all-metal flexible yet torsionally stiff coupling suitable for use in arduous working conditions.

Coupling Capacity

* Maximum power @ 100RPM - 90kW
* Maximum torque - 8595Nm

Features & Benefits

* Torsionally stiff for use as a positive drive connection
* Easy installation for ease of maintenance
* Mis-alignment capabilities allowing flexibility in installation
* Hardened teeth giving long life with high torque capacity
* All-metal coupling for use in hostile environments
* Taper Bush bores available for ease of maintenance


* Fans
* Feeders
* Kiln Dryers
* Line Shafts
* Pump Drives

Standard Range Comprise

* Taper Bush or Parallel Bored

Construction Details

* Hardened Steel Sprockets
* Renold Duplex Chain
* Moulded Cover


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