straight-toothed sprocket wheel / shaft / for chain



  • Teeth:


  • Other characteristics:

    shaft, for chain


Renold offer a comprehensive range of transmission chain sprockets for British Standard chain up to two inch pitch, ensuring maximum working life and productivity for your application. Other sizes of sprocket, including those to American Standard dimensions, are available on request.

Special sprockets are also manufactured on request, in special materials or formats, normally to suit a specific applications in harsh or difficult drive situations, such as;
Sprockets incorporating shafts
Welded or detachable hubs
Shear pin devices fitted
Necklace sprockets made up of chain plates and individual tooth sections for turning large drums or tables.
Combination sprockets (two or more sprockets combined having different pitch sizes and numbers of teeth).
Sprockets in two or more sections, i.e. split sprockets or segmental sprockets.