multi-parameter test bench / safety valve / manual / mechanical
SPP RESATO High Pressure Technology



  • Test type:


  • Test material:

    safety valve

  • Other characteristics:

    manual, mechanical


Resato's Single Well Control Panel Type SPP is used for the operation of one surface or subsurface safety valve. Since it is constructed with a stainless steel material and a robust design, the panel is easy to maintain. Several pressure ranges that have a maximum of 700 bar/10,000 psi are also available.

The device is air operated, but it can also be handled manually. A manual override feature and an electro-static discharge (ESD) function are also designed into the component.

The control panel is composed of an air driven mini pump with manual operation, an air treatment unit, an air gauge, an air regulator, as well as a supply pressure gauge and an output pressure gauge. A safety valve pressure gauge and a safety relieve valve in the outlet line are also included in the device.