pressure test stand / hydrostatic pressure / hose / for pipes
SLU RESATO High Pressure Technology



  • Test type:

    pressure, hydrostatic pressure

  • Test material:

    hose, for pipes, pump, for valves

  • Other characteristics:

    hydraulic, manual


The SLU series is manufactured by Resato High Pressure Technology, and is a hose test stand which has an ergonomic design that has an integrated spacious test compartment. It is ready to use for execution of pressure tests on hoses, pipes, pressure vessels, pumps, valves, hydraulic components and manifolds can also be tested for defects in material or assembly.

The unit has an easy and cost effective maintenance with low noise level. It has an accurate measurement over the full pressure range, and has a quick serial testing through preset test pressure. It is also highly appropriate for various test mediums.

There are options available which includes digital read out and computer recording system. The unit is also available in several pressure ranges of up to 5000 bar.