pressure test equipment / for hoses / for workshops
RTC 1500 RESATO High Pressure Technology



  • Test type:


  • Test material:

    for hoses

  • Other characteristics:

    for workshops


Because of its spacious stainless steel test compartment the RTC 1500 is a well-suited workshop system for testing large objects. The RTC 1500 is particularly designed to test these objects in an easy, quick and user-friendly way. By which the large pneumatic operated cover lid ensures easy and quick loading and unloading of the test objects.

In addition, one can choose to put the RTC 1500 on a frame to increase the working height or to add a pallet truck ramp to the front for loading a pallet easier. Besides pallet truck loading, you can also load the system manually or by forklift. To ensure save working for your employees the cover has an impact resistant window.

Loading by forklift, pallet truck or manually
Easy opening and closing of the cover
Suitable for testing with oil, water or other fluids
Robust and user-friendly design