thin-layer optical coating / high-reflectivity mirror / ultraviolet / infrared
Research Electro-Optics



  • Options:

    thin-layer, high-reflectivity mirror

  • Spectrum:

    ultraviolet, infrared


REO delivers mirror coatings for deep ultraviolet to long wave infrared, offering a superb mixture of performance and durability.

REO specializes in creating high reflectivity for the most demanding laser applications that operate with low scatter and absorption characteristics. Additional details include extreme broadband operation, high laser damage threshold, scatter and absorption below 1ppm. Design ensures high reflectors for single wavelengths along with multiple laser lines coated to support broadband operations.

With a wide cross section, metrology instrumentation provides effective measurement of every aspect of the mirrors performance such as surface figure, reflectance, surface figure, absorption, surface roughness, plasma durability and even cavity ringdown time.