Magnetic drum separator / for free fall applications
max. 100 t/h | SMBM Research & Production Association «ERGA»


  • Technology:

    magnetic drum

  • Application:

    for free fall applications


The specially designed magnetic drum separators are used for removal of paramagnetic (magnetic concentration) and ferromagnetic metal particles from dry granulated and/or free-flowing materials. The modular systems are generally installed in the gravity flows and discharge chutes of an existing production line. Operation SMBM magnetic separators are designed to extract ferromagnetic particles from various products. The magnetic system (180° sector) is installed on a magnetic drum fixed inside a stainless steel shell that is rotated around the magnetic system by the motor-reductor.

The separation product is fed directly into the rotating shell through the loading hopper. The powerful magnetic filed generated draws the ferromagnetic particles to the surface of the shell and remains on surface till the rotating shell crosses the drum's magnetic sector. The magnetic field disappears and the collected ferromagnetic particles are discharged into a special container from the shell. The multipolar magnetic system also provides efficient extraction


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